Camp MiVoden – Family Camp

We were excited to have the opportunity to attend family camp at MiVoden on beautiful Hayden Lake. Family camp is like a sleep away summer camp but for the whole family instead of just for kiddos.

We jam packed our week with many of the fun activities offered at the camp. There were lots of things to choose from and we tried a variety of new things mixed with a few old favorites.

Monday: cake decorating – mom & kiddos, canoeing, challenge course: giant swing, and archery

giant swing
giant swing video

Tuesday: cajón drum lessons, skateboarding – dad & kiddos, pump track mountain biking – dad & kiddos, mud run obstacle course – dad & kiddos, and evening boat ride

cajón – a wooden drum shaped like a box that you sit on to play
mountain bike pump track video
mud run

Wednesday: model rocketry – kids, observe model rocket launches – parents , arena horse riding lessons, and leap of faith ropes course – dad & kiddos

model rocket launch video

Thursday: wakeboarding – parents, boat ride/flagging – kiddos, slalom waterski – me, tension traverse challenge course – dad & kiddos, wilderness survival skills – boys, swimming in the lake – girls

wilderness survival lean-to

Friday: swimming in the lake, paddle boarding, pump track mountain biking – dad & kiddos, unicycle – boys, cake decorating – girls


Our favorite activities were:

B (age 8): model rocketry, pump track mountain biking, mud run obstacle course, challenge course, playing at the beach, boat rides

K (age 9): cake decorating, pump track mountain biking, everything on the challenge course, playing at the beach, arena horse riding lessons

S (age 12): horse riding lessons in the arena, model rocketry

Me: evening boat ride, archery, dock start wakeboarding, getting up on the slalom waterski

My husband: everything on the challenge course, mountain biking pump track, arena horse riding lessons

Camp cons:

My impression was that there had been a budget cut for the camp chef. It seemed there was not enough food for the number of campers. Staff was vigilant at portion control and campers were not responding positively. It is fascinating how the perceived scarcity of food affects everyone’s moods. Administration, staff, and campers were all edgy and tense. Meal times were extremely stressful instead of relaxing. I’m guessing that the food budget was affected by recent inflation. People signed up and paid for camp last October and between then and now gas prices and food prices have increased drastically. I’m guessing that they will increase their prices and next year the food should be back to normal.

We found mealtimes to be quite stressful, so we opted to leave camp MiVoden and drive 30 minutes to nearby Coeur d’Alene 3 times during our stay: for groceries, playing at the park and eating out at a restaurant.

taking a break from camp food at Radicci in Coeur d’Alene

My husband and daughter were both injured on the mountain bike pump track Friday afternoon. Our daughter really needed to rest and be inactive following her injury, so we left Saturday morning instead of Sunday.

Camp pros:

The setting was absolutely beautiful. The lake was as close to perfect as I could imagine. My mansion in heaven is gonna be on a lake like Lake Hayden.

Lake Hayden

The gardens were lovey.

The resident swallows, eagles and Canada geese were very entertaining. An eagle swooped into the lake and caught a fish right next to the boat while I was on my 3rd attempt getting up on the slalom ski. That was awesome!

baby swallows being fed by a parent in their nest

The RV spaces had full hookups so we had AC!

The staff were warm, friendly, and positive despite setbacks and less than ideal circumstances. They were truly delightful people and we really enjoyed their company.

There were no Covid restrictions.

There was no internet connection available.

Coeur d’Alene was only 30 minutes away.

Overall, we had a relatively positive experience at camp MiVoden. Given the choice, I’d prefer attending Leoni Meadows Family Camp – Grizzly Flats, California. For me, one of the best parts of an all-inclusive style of vacation is not having to cook or stress about food.

Being at camp reminded me of the song Camp Granada. Much to my husband’s dismay, I taught it to the kiddos. Just try getting it unstuck out of your head! 😂

🏕 Have you ever been to sleep away camp, either as a child or with your family?

6 thoughts on “Camp MiVoden – Family Camp

  1. So much fun activities, beautiful ambiance, and family time!! Great job mama for keeping up with the kiddos and managing the ups and downs of camp life.
    I can see how mealtimes could have been stressful with budget cuts and knowing that food is limited does make for grumpy moods. But you managed well with eating out and grocery shopping. Good problem solving!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words and compliments. I’m afraid it was much easier to write positively about the experience than stay positive at the time. I hope the kiddos didn’t notice all my grumbling! 😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Writing changes how you feel too! Seeing the pics it seems your kiddos didn’t notice the grumbling ,or, if they did notice, not mind it. It’s part of life to grumble, especially when you’re our of your element and you have little people to take care of. So much easier to say do it in that spot.
        You did good mama!!

        Liked by 1 person

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