Thank You to 365 Followers!

I’m always flattered (and a bit surprised) when someone finds my blog, and then finds it interesting enough to follow! Thank you followers for following! And now we’ve got as many followers as there are days in a year. How fun is that!?

I started this thing right after we lost our home in the 2018 Paradise Camp Fire. The Life-Changing Magic of Losing Our Stuff” or “Six Months After the Camp Fire

Our family survived, and we are grateful for God’s guiding hand and His protection. We are still on a road of recovery, I’m certainly not over it.

This blog is something that helps me process whatever is going on in my life at the moment. My posts range from homeschooling, to traveling, to vegan recipes, to photos of our cats! It’s just our life in blog form.

Here’s a shout out to our 365th follower: Stress Free Survival

As always, thanks for following us or popping by for a visit! 😊

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