Last Week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Friendship

Last week, I was delighted to be featured as a guest blogger at The Sandy Chronicles. Sandy is a very creative & talented photographer and blogger so be sure to visit her site and check it out! Because my blog is also my journal, I wanted to post a portion of it here too. To see my original post in it’s entirety, please visit: Guest Post Friends and Family.

I’m afraid my photos will feel more like they belong in a theme titled “family” instead of “friends”. Then again, our very best friends do feel like family don’t they? Sometimes the line between who counts as friends and who counts as family can get blurry. After all, before my husband was my family he was just my friend…

friendship is… turning into more than just friends in a photo booth
friendship is… remembering the past
friendship is… squeezing one more on the swing
Friendship is… helping to carry the load
Friendship is… the beginning of a grand adventure
friendship is… working together
friendship is… snowball fight!!
Friendship is… walking together into the future even when you see some clouds up ahead

As always, thank you for your friendship in the bloggosphere! I always look forward to hearing from you in the comments! 😊

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