St. John Island Frozen Lemonade Recipe

Many years ago my husband and I went on vacation with my parents, my sister and her husband to the US Virgin Island of St. John.

We had a fabulous time and discovered an amazing little lemonade cafe near our rented villa. The recipe below is the best version I’ve managed to recreate of their delicious & unique lemonade made with whole frozen pieces of lemon.


  • 32 oz lemonade
  • 16 oz crushed ice
  • 2 frozen lemon slices


Make the frozen lemon slices a day beforehand. Wash a lemon thoroughly and cut it into slices. Remove both ends of the lemon and discard them. Remove the seeds from the remaining slices and discard them. Place the seed-free lemon slices in a zippered freezer bag and freeze them overnight.

Pour lemonade into Vitamix blender, add ice and frozen lemon slices.

Blend on high until smooth & frothy.

Serve immediately and enjoy a moment of lemony summer bliss!

🍋 What’s your favorite summer beverage?

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