Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – In Transit

This weeks Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from fellow blogger, Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. If you’d like to participate in the challenge please visit her blog for the rules.

To me, “In Transit” means traveling from one place to another. I feel like I’ve had a bit of experience in this area both literally and metaphorically. Since we got married in 2007, we have lived in several parts of California, North Carolina and on the road in our 35 ft Winnebago. We have grown and changed as individuals and as a family. Even though we just moved into a new house, I’m not convinced that we are not going to be in transit again soon.

Here is my collection of photographs about going somewhere. I hope you enjoy them!

sometimes it feels like everyone else is going somewhere and you are just standing still watching and waiting
sometimes the “getting to the other side” is the best part of the journey
sometimes you know you’re going to lose the light for a minute
sometimes your only company is your own shadow
sometimes you’ll get going really fast
Sometimes you’ll be moving really slowly
sometimes it feels like you’re just going up & down and around in circles, getting nowhere
sometimes you know exactly where you are going to end up
sometimes going somewhere will cost you
sometimes you’ll be paddling upstream
sometimes going even a short distance will take lots of elbow grease and hard work
if you keep your eyes on the horizon you’ll stay on the right track
you just never know where you might end up!

What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – In Transit

  1. I love this post – especially the captions! I like the smile on the little guy sledding. You can’t get a smile like that in a posed shot. A very enjoyable post to read. Have good day!

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    1. Thank you so much Betty! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun finding photos that would fit the theme set by Sandy. Participating in a photo challenge uses a different part of my brain!

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  2. Love the photos! You clearly have good family outings 🙂 When I saw your first picture, I thought you’d plunge me back into winter! So glad that for the time being at least, we’re enjoying the warmer weather 🙂

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