Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

One of our first projects in our new home is to repaint the entire interior. The current paint is all white and begging for a fresh coat.

There’s lots of this type of thing going on

We’ve repainted home interiors 2x before and we’ve been very happy with Sherwin Williams paint. In the past, we used a color pallet by HGTV and Sherwin Williams called “Urban Organic”, but that was 10 years ago… I really wanted to use some current color trends in our new home. Right now, the Sherwin Williams website has a tool called “Color ID” which gives you a color palette based on the results of a quiz. We all spent one morning taking the Color ID quiz. You can find it here:

Sherwin Williams Color ID

Of course, we all ended up with different color palettes based on our quiz results. I got “Nurturer”, E and S (age 10) got “Minimalist“, K (age 7) got “Naturalist” and B (age 5) got “Free Spirit”. In the end, I decided to go with the “Nurturer” color palette for our jumping off point. Let’s face it, if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!

Nurturer Color Palette by Sherwin Williams

Most of the house will be painted in light neutral colors. All of the ceilings and the trim will be “Alabaster” and most of the walls in the main living areas will be “Maison Blanche”. Maison Blanche means “white house” in French. My daughter’s Fancy Nancy books say that everything is fancier in French so that color was the obvious choice!

The accent walls behind the fireplace in the family room and E’s office will be “Poolhouse”, which is several shades lighter than the “Smokey Blue” in the palette. My hesitation with this color in the family room is that it will be too dark or be too much color for the space. It’s also possible that it will clash with the rock fireplace. I’m going to go ahead and try it, despite my hesitation. We can always paint over it later if we don’t like it.

For the kid’s rooms we decided on colors outside of the Color ID palette. The boys’ room will be “Naval”, the Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year. Naval is the most dramatic and daring color we will be using. I am really afraid it will be too dark and everyone will end up displeased with it. But in the end, we decided to take a risk and go for it! I mean, most of the house will be white. We had to give y’all some shocking color changes to look forward to, right?!

K’s room is going to have a mermaid theme. We were comparing several shades and tones of teal when it suddenly occurred to me that we just had to use Tiffany & Co box blue. Believe it or not, Sherwin Williams makes a color called “Little Blue Box” that is strikingly similar to my box lid. I guess I’m not the first woman to come up with this color idea! lol

After deciding on our colors, I used a hole-punch to make a hole in the bottom corner of each chip and hooked them together with a metal binder ring. This system keeps everything together and allows you to look at colors right next to each other. You could also easily take the colors with you when you’re out shopping for art, window treatments, rugs, etc. (whenever we are able to go out shopping again). I can hardly wait until the painting is done and we can show you the results!

Color Chip Ring

If you are considering a house painting project, I highly recommend the Sherwin Williams Color ID tool. It was lots of fun to take the online quiz and check out the palettes.

Sherwin Williams Color ID

🎨 What’s your Color ID?

11 thoughts on “Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

  1. Wasn’t done yet. 🙂 My favorite is Maison Blanche. Have you considered an accent wall for the naval? Just a thought. You are very organized. I like how you are keeping the paint samples. Have fun!

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    1. I love accent walls! We did consider doing just an accent wall with the Naval but the boys are insistent on the whole room. If they had it their way, the ceiling, trim, and carpet would be the same color too!
      lol 😂
      For the boys’ room we’re doing an outer space theme. We will be putting some glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls. One wall has the closet and entry doors which will be painted the trim color, Alabaster (white). The ceiling will also be Alabaster. The carpet will be a light beige. One wall has a large window in the middle of it. The boys’ loft style beds will break up the color on the other walls… I hope… fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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  2. Thanks for the link to the color test. I always have trouble choosing paint colors, and I have a room I’ve been meaning to paint for ages. Btw, I am “minimalist” according to the test.

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  3. Love your colors…especially the kids rooms. Can’t wait to see how they turn out! I took the quiz and got trendsetter…not sure I’m actually a trendsetter but it did have some bright yellow and blue colors and…we had painted two rooms in our last house yellow and blue…had never quite gotten around the the awesome orange focal wall in another room. Who knows what our next house will end up with… 🙂 Definitely keep us posted!

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    1. Thank you 😊

      I can see you getting trendsetter. You do tons of research and then choose your own ideas. Sometimes they aren’t the ideas of the mainstream and usually they are better! 😉 Seems like you’re setting trends to me. Half the people at B’s Zoom party use Ivy Kids ‘cause they heard about it from you!

      We had an orange accent wall in the boys’ room in our house on Wagstaff. We loved it! We obviously like blues and our first home on Valley View was mostly pale yellow. Painting is so fun!

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