We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 🧸

My friend L.T. let me know that some people are putting stuffies in their front windows so families with kids can go on a “Bear Hunt” when they walk around their neighborhoods.

🧸 We hope you can participate in this fun idea by either putting a teddy bear in your front window or going for a walk around your neighborhood to see if you can spot any teddy bears.

11 thoughts on “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 🧸

    1. Today we found 3 bears;
      1) the one in our window
      2) one on a California flag in someone’s yard (not a teddy bear)
      3) one on a home alarm system sign in front of someone’s house (not a teddy bear)


  1. Our neighborhood has a different “subject” to hunt for each week. Today, I will put up a picture of a duck; the hunt is on Tuesday. I can’t draw, so hopefully it will turn out okay. This is a fun idea!

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      1. You are a sweetheart! Thank you. I used this video and drew a duck! I’ll put a picture of it on my facebook page: Dnbtwo Scrabblers. It’s the best duck I ever drew. ha ha

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      2. Yay! My kids are frequently asking how to draw different things and I always look for a how to draw “…” on YouTube. How did the “duck hunt” go? How many did you find?


      3. My kids are grown, so I am one that just displays the duck for the children. I can’t draw, and I didn’t even think of youtube. So, whatever they come up with for next week, I’ll be checking Youtube thanks to you. Stay safe!

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