Resources for Unexpectedly Homeschooling due to Coronavirus

My friend L.R. from Returning to Paradise just published a great post with ideas for those who are suddenly homeschooling their kids unexpectedly due to coronavirus. (I hope she takes me copying her by writing my own similar post as the highest form of flattery). She has such good ideas! Her article is a resource smorgasbord with lots of great suggestions, many of which are free. She has been an educator both at home, and in the classroom for many years. She really knows what she’s talking about! Check it out below.

Ideas for Entertaining and Educating Kids at Home

We have been homeschooling for a few years now and we hope the links in this post will help those who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly homeschooling due to school closures. I recently read this great article with lots of ideas to keep busy at home. It’s geared more for adults but many of the ideas could work for kids too. The author came up with ideas I never would’ve thought of!

Social distancing doesn’t have to doom your weekend. We have ideas.

Our absolute favorite educational kits are Ivy Kids Kits. We seriously cannot say enough great things about these kits. They are chock full of everything you need for kids ages 3-ish to 8-ish to be busy learning for a week or more! When I say they include everything, I mean it. If a project required paint or glue it’s included in the kit. You just need a pencil and scissors already on hand.

Ivy Kids Kits

Another great kit is Raddish Kids. These kits include online lesson plans and even coordinating Spotify playlists. Cooking with kids is a great way to keep them busy and make something to eat at the same time! They even have some free resources available on their website right now. Check out the link below.

Raddish Kids

I recently received emails from 2 websites offering free resources:

Mystery Science


If everything just seems too daunting right now, our ultimate favorite educational activity is reading aloud. Grab a cup of tea, cuddle up with your kids, choose a favorite good quality book and read it aloud. Nothing beats reading aloud to instantly create a sense of security and comfort. It has lots of other emotional, social, and educational benefits too. If you don’t believe me, just Google it! 😉 If you’d like a list of age appropriate quality book suggestions visit Read Aloud Revival at the link below.

Read Aloud Revival

More great read aloud book ideas can be found at Five in a Row.

Five in a Row

Please be sure to check out Ideas for Entertaining and Educating Kids at Home by Returning to Paradise for lots more ideas and free resources.

Thank you for following us or stopping by for a visit! Stay well friends!

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