Palace Market – Point Reyes Station, California

We stopped at this market in Point Reyes station because we ran out of chocolate for s’mores. We left with artisan chocolate, fresh local cheese, and French net market totes.

My mom had a bag like this when I was a kid. She must’ve bought it in 1970-something. As a kid, I thought it was such a strange bag because it is full of holes. My mom always brought it on picnic lunches with chips and snacks packed in it. When I was a teenager the bag broke and my mother was so upset about it. Being the helpful and sensitive teenager that I was, I retorted, “Why don’t you just buy another one mom?” To which she replied, “Because I’ve never seen them anywhere else to buy, ever!” Fast forward to 2020 and suddenly here they were in every conceivable color. Of course, now you can get them on, but I’d completely forgotten about them!

I bought 5!

This map was on the wall outside

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