Limantour Beach – Point Reyes National Seashore – California


After checking in at Bear Valley Visitor Center we headed straight for the nearest beach. The rangers we spoke with let us know about a high wind advisory and suggested we hit the beach as soon as possible.

The beach was a short 0.3 mile walk from the parking lot.

At first, it was just windy enough for kite flying.

Shortly after we took a nice beach photo of the kiddos, the wind really picked up and we hightailed it outta there in a hurry. We walked backwards half the way to avoid getting more sand in our eyes. Ugh, no fun! At least they were able to make a sandcastle before we left!

I cannot conceive of how a child can get this much sand in their shoes in a mere 30 minutes!

After being sandblasted off the beach we headed back to Bear Valley Visitor Center for some inland wooded hikes.

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