Memory Verse Monday

Here is the Bible verse we are working on memorizing this week.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

This month, our family is doing an Advent Bible study using resources from The Bible Project. Here is the link to their four week Christmas advent series:

The Bible Project Christmas Advent Series

As usual, we use, A Reason For Handwriting Border Sheets, to practice our best handwriting on the verse of the week. When we’re done with a verse we mail the completed border sheets to friends or family.

May your heart be filled with Hope this Christmas season!

4 thoughts on “Memory Verse Monday

    1. I hope you enjoy their website. They have short videos on lots of topics and in-depth podcasts if you want to dig deeper. It’s a cool non-profit organization that we enjoy supporting!


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