Playzeum – Yuba City, California

On Friday (9/27/19), we met up with friends at Playzeum in Yuba City, California. There was so much to play with here. It was like every cool pretend play idea you’ve ever seen on Pinterest all in one spot.

A theater.

A pretend grocery store & farmer’s market.

Behind the faux produce is the pretend veterinary clinic.

A room with an indoor swing and giant building blocks.

An outdoor play space with a drive through car wash.

My friend who invited us here has this poster in her homeschool room. Isn’t it great?

There was so much more here to show you, but I became engrossed in good conversation. I forgot about photography for a while and enjoyed some mama time while watching the kiddos play.

I hope you get to enjoy spending some time with your friends this week!

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4 thoughts on “Playzeum – Yuba City, California

  1. The first time I heard the word ‘think’ used as this acronym was when Pastor Charles Stanley spoke of it in a sermon. I’m so happy you are able to reconnect with friends again.

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