Join Us for “Tea” in Our RV

I’ve been working on this post for quite awhile now. It all started, when I found the cutest little picture book, Tea at Miss Jean’s by Bispham Page and Adeline Sprague, in a thrift store.

In this story, a little girl reminisces about having tea with an elderly lady who made the neighborhood girls feel special by putting out a few seasonal decorations, serving seasonal beverages and treats, and telling them stories. I felt inspired to create more moments of joy with the kiddos by switching “snack time” to “teatime”. “Teatime” just makes it sound fancier.

Here are some of our “tea time” ideas that we’ve tried over the past 6 months or so.

Hot chocolate with chocolate graham crackers and marshmallows

Lemonade with apple wedges and ladybug lemon-shortbread cookies from The Sparrow Bakery.

Orange juice with apple wedges, banana segment, mini saltine crackers, and dry roasted almonds

Strawberry lemonade with peach wedges, chocolate graham crackers and mini marshmallows

On particularly creative days, I’ve been known to offer a book themed “tea”.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit “…Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail had bread and milk and blackberries for supper.”

Ramona Quimby, age 8 – Apple juice, graham crackers and apple sauce

Little House on the Prairie – Cambric chamomile tea and biscuits.

The Bee Tree – Any kind of tea with biscuits and honey.

I even splurged and bought an RV sized teakettle and “little T couture tea for kids”. I got the kids tea in a 3 flavor variety pack.

Here’s “Strawberry is My Jam” tea with refrigerated buttermilk biscuits topped with strawberry jam.

Here’s “Twisted Watermelon” tea with watermelon wedges, Cheesecake Factory brown rolls and watermelon gummy candy.

Here’s “Pixie Pink Punch” tea with “Pink and White Cookies” from Trader Joe’s, cream cheese & cucumber sandwich triangles, and fresh cucumber discs.

Here are some of our favorite kids books about tea:

The first 5 books are especially good for boys. They are a little less fancy, and a little more boisterous. Of course, girls will love these books too!

In, Felicity Learns a Lesson, we learn about proper English tea etiquette from the 1700s and The Boston Tea Party.

These last 3 books include recipes and ideas on hosting tea parties. Fancy Nancy’s book includes adorable recipe cards too.


We used to have a tea set by Green Toys that we liked a lot and highly recommend.

Thanks for following us! We hope this post inspires you to enjoy a cup of tea with someone you love today!

☕️ How do you take your tea?

13 thoughts on “Join Us for “Tea” in Our RV

  1. I laughed at the first picture of your tea time, but David got sentimental. Any time you have with the kids like those, David goes Straight back to his time with the kids, and he loved those times, so he starts getting all – oh, I remember. The we saw all of the pictures, and wow, your innovative, neither of us had that cool – we were cool, but not as thoughtful as you. Great mom work! Be proud your raising your kids in a wonderful way and your kids will be a product of wonderful.

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    1. Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that this post brought back happy memories of time with kiddos! I love that! It makes my day actually. I was hoping to inspire people to try teatime with this post. Having it remind people of good times is even better.

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      1. And while I was driving into work this morning, my mom asked if I wanted some of her old teacups. I have two, she is giving me two more, now the four of us can have a party, me, mom and girls. Plus i fill them with flowers for parties. It’s a nice centerpiece that is low

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  2. Can you come do teatime at our house!!! We still do “teatime” but the snack so me saying “which crackers do you want today?” I need to find my energy again and make teatime live up to it’s name! You are amazing!

    Liked by 2 people

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