🍩 The Donut Shop On Central – Cheyenne, Wyoming

I am beyond thrilled to be homeschooling with South Sutter Charter School right now. We are able to homeschool with them because we currently claim residency in Paradise, California. We still own a piece of property there and we haven’t officially relocated yet.

The kiddos have spent the past week completing iReady diagnostic testing for school. I’m not a huge fan of standardized testing for kids this young. I understand that the school needs a way to assess the student’s learning for state requirements to maintain accreditation. As far as tests go, iReady is pretty convenient. It’s all online which makes accessing it easy for us. The test itself is certainly not easy. It takes my kiddos about 2-3 days to complete each section (math & reading).

After the kiddos are finished with the whole test, we celebrate by going out for donuts! This is a great tradition for living on the road, since there are donut shops almost everywhere! We typically go out for donuts 4 times each year: National Donut Day, iReady testing (2x per year), and after we take our annual family Christmas card photo.

We headed out early this morning to get a good selection at “The Donut Shop On Central” in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our donuts were very tasty and the shop was clean & cute! We decided on a maple bar, a chocolate old fashioned, a chocolate frosting with coconut, and 2 pink frosting with rainbow sprinkles. Yummy!

🍩 What is your favorite kind of donut?

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