I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Ready for Christmas everybody?  I’m at least 12 steps of Christmas behind after last night.  Kids are sick with a cold/cough and were running out of humidifiers in this joint.  We’ve got one in each bedroom, including the master since the kids end up in there half the time anyways and the whole house smells like Vics vapor steam.Does glade or febreeze make a plug in of this scent?

I told my husband to mail the package of gifts to his parents by 4pm or I would throw a full blown temper tantrum!  He looked up the hours of operation online and said it didn’t close until 5pm.  He left the house at 4:15 and was back less than 5 min later because he forgot his wallet.  He left again only to return less than 10 min later because the sign in the door said they closed at 3!

Heavens to Betty!  How will I ever get everything done in just 11 days!  I’m more likely to get a hippopotamus for Christmas…

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