Possum Box

Just got some free moving boxes at U-Haul. Should I be concerned that the people who last used this one labeled it “possum”? 😂

Friday Funnies – Pick Your Sign

Stop. Stop Eating Animals. Stop Eating Animals Without BBQ Sauce.

Mailbox – Friday Funnies

Let me start by saying this is my mailbox, so it’s OK for me to make the joke.You might be a redneck if… You attach the mailbox to its post using bungee cords! Happy Friday the 13th friends!

Sticky Note Car – Friday Funnies

We saw this car covered with sticky post-it notes in a parking lot. I have no explanation…

Floss in a Vending Machine – Friday Funnies

It was raining on Sunday and we had to get out of the travel trailer, so we took the kids to see the new Paw Patrol movie. The theater had a floss vending machine in the lobby! 😂 🦷 Does your local theater have a floss vending machine?

Caution – Friday Funnies

We found this banana peel shaped caution sign for a wet floor in a gas station bathroom.