Crystal Science

My good friend over at Sing Like Wildflowers inspired us to try a crystal science experiment. She even went so far as to send us our own crystal science kit as a gift! So sweet! If you haven’t met Esther you should! She’s salt of the earth (salt is a crystal)! She totally made our day! Especially since crystals tied in perfectly with our read aloud of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne.

We started the crystal science project mid-move into our new home. We took a trailer load of stuff out to the new place. It felt weird having two mostly empty houses. It is a very displaced, unsettled, unpleasant, empty and unwelcome feeling. My younger two kiddos were in tears. The closest thing they could label the feeling was “bored”. I believe they were trying to label the empty unsettled feeling.

Anyway, distractions are useful at times like these, so we pulled out the crystal science box (I had saved it just for this purpose), and we read the directions, and we oohed and aahed over the box contents. We boiled and measured and poured and mixed and set timers and added compounds from little packets. It was great fun!

While we waited for timers to go off we watched YouTube videos about crystals.

Crystal Science from Ducksters

We left our hexagonal containers in the windowsill and headed back for another load of stuff. When we returned a week later we found these…

Our best crystal

Next, we’re going to try an edible version once we can find the sugar, and chopsticks…

Make Your Own Rock Candy

Thank you, singlikewildflowers, so very much for the well-timed and extremely relevant homeschooling gift! We appreciate your kindness more than you know.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Science

  1. Wow! What a successful experiment. Will you keep these crystals somewhere? I think they would look pretty with sunlight shining through them. This post brought back a memory for me. When I was young, my dad helped me with a science exhibit I was to do for a yearly event in grade school. The experiment was about crystals. I don’t remember too much; although, it is when he told me crystals were used in radios. Somehow they made radios work. Thanks for your post. I kind of want to grow some crystals now. 🙂

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    1. I know! After I read Esther’s post I felt like I wanted to try growing crystals!
      Yes, it is interesting that crystals are used in radios, tv’s and watches I think. We are keeping our best crystal in the window sill near the homeschool table.

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