12 Favorite Uncommon Homeschool Supplies

We try to be resourceful homeschoolers and like to find opportunities to learn all around us. Learning opportunities can come from many places and are often a complete surprise. In honor of back-to-school planning and shopping season, here are my favorite items that you might not have considered yet. These were some of our most favorite homeschool supplies the last couple of school years.

1. Picnic Basket – because picnicking at the park is one of our favorite subjects!

2. Tea Set – because afternoon tea once a week is another one of our favorite subjects!

3. Lulu Jr. – because we are reluctant writers and homeschool is messy enough without scrapbooking supplies!

4. Fort Magic – because what would childhood be without forts?

5. Blank or Bare Books – because a children’s book illustrator once told me that his mother didn’t allow coloring books in the house, just blank paper and art supplies.

6. Climbing Gym Membership – because it’s such a fun PE class.

7. Book/Movie Combos – because long road trips to visit loved ones are essential for our family.

8. Outdoor Blanket – see reason #1.

9. Potting Soil – because everyone needs a bit of earth and the opportunity to try and grow something.

10. Secret cache of small prizes – because you never know when someone might need a little extra motivation!

11. The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming the Wonder in Your Child’s Education, A New Way to Homeschool – because mama-teachers need encouragement!

12. Somewhere comfy to read outdoors – just because!

🍎 Happy back-to-school planning and shopping friends!

🍎 What are some of your favorite homeschool supplies?

11 thoughts on “12 Favorite Uncommon Homeschool Supplies

    1. Thanks 😊
      I think you are supposed to use Lulu Junior to write your own book. But we never could get enough motivation to write a book. So we write a field trip report every time we go do something fun. Once we have about 18 of them we send it in to have it bound and published. I think it makes a really great keepsake! Blessings to you too!

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  1. Fantastic thought around the blank book to create art and drawing – I used to go through so many of these with my son. He seems to unfortunately lost enthusiasm for his drawing of late, but fingers crossed it returns. And I think we definitely need to go on more picnics!!

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