MK Nature Center – Boise, Idaho

A recent visit to Boise (November 2021), gave us the opportunity to visit a riparian habitat at MK Nature Center. We had fun exploring both the indoor museum and the outdoor nature trail. One of my kiddos isn’t a fan of taxidermy, but 2 out of 3 enjoyed the museum! The outdoor path includes a few creek viewing windows which were the highlight of the outing.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from the only one who would stand this close to a taxidermy turkey!
silly owls 🦉
Eagles’ nest replica
mosaic tile art 1
mosaic tile art 2
underwater viewing window along the trail

🏞 We hope this post inspires you to explore a nature center or outdoor habitat near you!

7 thoughts on “MK Nature Center – Boise, Idaho

  1. I love nature centers. Your son looks so cute standing next to the turkey. And the owl picture is so cute, too. I really like the mosaic artwork. I remember taking my kids to a nature center near us. We went a number of times as they had special programs and trails, too. Dan and I still visit nature centers whenever we come across one in our travels.

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