Idaho Potato Museum – Blackfoot, Idaho

Now that we live in Idaho, I felt it was only proper to make a trip to the Idaho Potato museum in Blackfoot. The small museum was very interesting and educational.

world’s biggest potato chip
If I ever find one of these vintage potato sacks for sale, I’m buying it to hang in my living room!
the fries at the museum cafe were really yummy!
a souvenir for my husband since he wasn’t able to join us on this field trip

🥔 What’s your favorite way to eat potatoes?

8 thoughts on “Idaho Potato Museum – Blackfoot, Idaho

  1. This looks like a fun museum! And french fries, too! Potato chips are my weakness. I do like to make curly Parmesan potatoes in the oven. These are really good, too. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  2. Looks like a fun museum! Did they talk about how many varieties of potatoes there are? Since we’ve been learning about South America…I learned potatoes are from the Andes mountains and there are over 150 varieties! I think I’m lucky if I’ve had maybe 10 varieties my whole life…more likely 6. My favorite way to eat potatoes is potato pancakes with tomato sauce on top. My German grandmother used to make them for me as a kid. They take a long time to make though so I’ve only had them a couple times since she died.

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  3. I like “smashed potatoes” They are first boiled( with skins on), then cooled slightly, then ‘smashed’ to break apart the potato, then deep fried. They are light, airy, and similar to french fries, but still shaped somewhat like a potato Using small-med potatoes works best. But I really like potatoes prepared most any way. Scalloped, baked, fries, mashed, etc. Glad you enjoyed the museum.

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