18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Didn’t know cherries were green and that large?! hahaha. Cherries are one of my favorite fruits and having them be as large as limes would be fantastic.
    I’m so happy to have met another homeschooling family. I was just talking about that with another blogger mentioning how difficult it was. I’m glad you found my blog and thank you for following. I’m following you back too and look forward to reading more about your adventures.

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      1. Autopilot is a good way to describe outings with the kids. Sometimes I don’t even know what I bought and once I got to my car after a Target run and realized I left my paid groceries at the check stand. We have too much going on to focus on other things.
        I also think kids notice those details we miss due to their height. They have visual advantage of our blind spots.
        Kids are also good finders.

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    1. I found your blog when I was reading a post on Something to Ponder About. I saw that you mentioned homeschooling and I haven’t met many homeschoolers through my blog yet either. It is wonderful to “meet” you!


      1. Oh yay! I’m happy to meet another homeschooler. There were a few sites when I first blogged but they stopped posting.
        It’s nice how blogging connects people with similar interests through different blogs unrelated to homeschooling. Love technology for this advantage.
        Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe with this COVID going on!

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      2. And we homeschool moms need lots of encouragement to keep going through the challenging times, esecially the blah days when you wonder if you’ve made the right choice to homeschool.
        Looking forward to reading more about your journey and learning together! You have a great week too.

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      3. Like today for example 😉
        I ended up pulling out a bin of play doh they hadn’t seen in awhile and sticker mosaics that I usually save for road trips etc…! 🤣
        Enjoy your last week of summer break!

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      4. The kids must’ve had fun with all those art supplies! We love stickers too and I thought maybe we could make our own. When you look online, the tutorials seems easy but that could be totally misleading. I’ve tried many “simple” projects and ended up tired to the bones fixing it or cleaning up the mess.
        Hope you guys enjoy your last week of vacation too!

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      5. Oh, that sounds hard! I try some experiments and recipes before knowing how long it will take. But here’s the consolation: we teach through our mistakes and demonstrating how making something (good or bad) takes time. That’s how I rationalize it. lol

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