Happy Snacks – Road Trip Goodies for Kids

Our very close friends are moving to Idaho. 😭 One of the reasons that they are such fun friends is because they are also homeschooling their three kiddos who are similar ages to our kiddos. We have had lots of fun together over the past 6 years. The past 6 months we have done a lot together and they’ve become like family to our family. We just love them.

I’m so happy that our friends have this amazing new opportunity and I’m going to miss them so, so much. I’ve been tearing up over commercials and trying to keep it together for the kids. The kids are super sad and upset too. Loss brings up past losses so everything hurts double right now. To add insult to injury, because of the shelter-at-home order in our county, we haven’t seen our friends in a month. I guess we will just have to go on a trip to visit them in Idaho as soon as we can! We’re going to say “Happy Moving” to them today.

The road trip to Idaho is pretty long so I decided to make their kiddos some “Happy Snacks”. A while ago, I read about a mom who made DIY “Happy Meals” for her kids on road trips. I have no idea where I read about it, but the idea stuck in my brain as a good one.

Happy Snack Supplies

I made 2 “Happy Snack” bags for each of their 3 kiddos for a total of 6 bags. I used white paper lunch bags and filled each bag with treats, a writing instrument, scented stickers, and a road trip bingo page. I hope the pre-packed bags come in handy while they are on the road.

Godspeed T family! We miss you already!

🚙 What’s your favorite road trip snack or activity?

10 thoughts on “Happy Snacks – Road Trip Goodies for Kids

      1. We visited Idaho last year about this time. It was wonderful! I’m excited to see more of it and I’ll definitely blog about any/all traveling we do 😊


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