Shelter at Home Chunking

I recently read an interesting article on “chunking”. In psychology, chunking refers to grouping small chunks of information so you can remember larger pieces of information when you put the chunks together. The most common example of this is phone numbers. While it is very difficult to remember a 10 digit number, most people can remember a 3 digit number, another 3 digit number, and a 4 digit number. (555) 555-5555

The article above suggests that chunking can also help in the current situation of sheltering at home. Instead of looking at the entire length of time this will occur, which is overwhelming and depressing, look at a smaller chunk of time and give yourself something to look forward to.

In practice, chunking in our house looks like this:

🍔🎮 Sunday = burgers & video games

🍕🎲 Tuesday = pizza & board games

🍝📺 Friday = spaghetti & an episode of Little House on the Prairie starring Michael Landon

🥞🎥 Saturday = pancakes for breakfast & movie night

With 4 fun days to look forward to each week we can focus on what games we’re going to play on Tuesday or what movie we are going to watch on Saturday night. The other days are normal days with nothing in particular to look forward to. We read books, do puzzles, clean, make arts and crafts, work, homeschool, argue, laugh, cry, give hugs, walk around the block, check the mailbox, read the news, cook, bake, etc…, etc… Which reminds me of this YouTube video my friend in WA texted me recently.

So here we are, living a Rapunzel life. How are you holding up friends? What activities are you enjoying most during this unprecedented time?

10 thoughts on “Shelter at Home Chunking

  1. Lol! Looks great! You know me…we just keep trucking with as much of a normal schedule as possible 😉 although, since it’s spring break this week…we have watched movies, played the switch and had more play time. We miss friends a lot. So glad you guys are staying sane!

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