Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Fairfield, California

This post includes two trips to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California. On the first trip, I took the kiddos and my mom (01/08/19). On the second trip, E and I took the kiddos (01/05/20).

The self-guided tour is free and runs every 15 minutes or so. It’s definitely more fun to go during the week when the factory is in full swing with employees hard at work to watch from the balcony windows. If you wave to them they will wave back! The factory isn’t operational on the weekends but you can still enjoy the tour with short informational videos and free samples!



The kiddos enjoyed the smell test quizzes and video games along the tour path.  The massive crates of jelly beans on the factory floor are impressive.



Jelly Belly also makes mellow cream and gummy candies. The kiddos posed with their favorite gummy bears on both trips.



My favorite part is the Jelly Belly artwork. The following portraits are made entirely of jelly beans.  I apologize for the glare in many of the following photos, it was unfortunate and unavoidable.


There were a few sculptures as well but for some strange reason, I only got a photo of the rooster and 2020 is the year of the rat.

The gift shop has every conceivable flavor and packaging option, plus more free samples! We decided that we would each choose a small bag and get the “5 bags for $15” deal. Plus, I got an extra bag of champagne flavored beans (non-alcoholic) for our RV maiden voyage. We did the same thing last year. The only problem was that I felt like we needed Jelly Bellies every time we drove to a new destination!

Jelly Belly makes over 100 flavors and many of the flavors contain real fruit juices and purées to get that intense flavor! Apparently, Americans’ favorite flavor is “Very Cherry”.  These were our favorites.

E: licorice (this just happens to be the favorite flavor of former US president Ronald Regan as well)

Me: rosé (non-alcoholic), watermelon, toasted marshmallow, sours

S: plum, 7-up, Very Cherry

K: buttered popcorn, bubble gum, rosé (non-alcoholic), 7-up

B: 7-up, champagne (non-alcoholic), blueberry, Berry Blue

🍭 How about you, what’s your favorite flavor?

11 thoughts on “Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Fairfield, California

    1. It was fun, but much better on a week day with g-ma when the operation was in full swing! Some of the new “Bean-Boozled” flavors sound just awful and none of us tried them! They make flavors like dirt and rotten eggs that look exactly like yummy flavors. You can use them to surprise your friends or just play a silly game of seeing what your “ yucky” face looks like when you eat them.


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