Brock’s Ice Cream – Yuba City, California

As an “after-successful-dentist-appointment” treat we got ice cream at Brock’s. Never mind that it is 45°F and raining. Never mind that ice cream is in direct opposition to good health and good dental hygiene. The ice cream here is made from scratch, on-site, and it’s super delicious! They have great flavor choices with lots of seasonal varieties. Today, “pumpkin”, “licorice” and “peppermint” were on the board. The kiddos opted for classic flavors.

Bubble Gum

Orange Sherbet

Cotton Candy

This antique, self-playing piano is so awesome, and it’s only 25 cents for a song!

If you’re ever passing through Yuba City, California be sure to stop at Brock’s for an ice cream treat and a song. You’ll be glad you did!

Update: 12/04/19

We went to Brock’s again for an “after-successful-check-up” treat. The pediatrician gave us a local insider tip: if you order rainbow sherbet they scoop together bits of lime, orange, and raspberry sherbet and smoosh them all together. Obviously, we had to try it! S has a dairy sensitivity so he’s a big sherbet fan.

Rainbow Sherbert

Lime Sherbert

Lemon Ice Cream

3 thoughts on “Brock’s Ice Cream – Yuba City, California

  1. Wow- I love all three of those flavors! My aunt had a player piano. Her’s had the rolls in the top and you could play it manually too. Such a fun adventure for you all.

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