Sailor Kiss – San Diego, California

April 7 & 10, 2019

This post is a bit out of order since we went to the USS Midway on Monday 4/8/19. I needed a photo (bottom of post) and we didn’t get it until yesterday 4/10/19.

A big kudos to all the docents at the USS Midway. Everyone we talked with was very knowledgeable and great with the kiddos. They told us about the Junior Pilot scavenger hunt and the kids had fun earning their wings. We also recommend getting the audio tour necklace device. The kids liked it a lot. It was nice that they could listen instead of trying to read all the informative signs throughout the museum.

Upon leaving, the docent at the exit even had the kids salute him and say “permission to go ashore”. Many of the docents were veterans and several had served aboard the USS Midway. Learning about history directly from the source is a priceless experience.

After leaving the midway & eating lunch we walked around the harbor area for a bit and did a little google research on the sailor kiss sculpture and photograph.

Photo titled V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt. This picture was originally published in Life magazine in 1945.

“Unconditional Surrender” sculpture in San Diego location originally installed in 2007 and permanently installed in 2013 in Tuna Harbor Park, near the USS Midway.

“The Most Embarrassing Moment of Our Oldest Son’s Life.” Photo taken by our youngest son B (age 4). Our daughter K (age 6) took a photo too.

Never mind the random stranger’s legs in the background. It would be difficult to get a photo without a random tourist in the background at this location. I messed up my left arm placement on the photo by K. It’s an awkward pose. Apparently, the original photo was of a Navy sailor who kissed a random stranger who wasn’t expecting it. 🤔 Hmm… less romantic than the story I had imagined. I imagined that he had come back from war and his wife was waiting for him, she was so happy and relieved that he was finally home.

The reason I’m so interested in this photo/sculpture is because part of our Camp Fire evacuation story is that my husband and I were not together for it. I was home with the kids and Eric was at a work conference in Texas. He was at an airport halfway across the country while the kids and I were headed south on Pentz at 8:50 am that morning. Neither of us knew how bad the wildfire was at that point. I got the photo of my parents’ home on fire when the kids and I got to the hotel in Sacramento. When I saw that photo my stomach dropped and shivers ran up my spine. The moment I realized what a close call we’d had Eric was en route, flying from Dallas, TX to Sacramento, CA. When he finally made it to the hotel we were very happy and relieved to see each other. Our moment was Nothing compared to our country’s war heroes returning home from deployment. Our moment was the happiest and most relieved I’ve ever been to see my husband!

11 thoughts on “Sailor Kiss – San Diego, California

  1. That sounds like a great “field trip” – I love love that you can learn from veterans and even some who served on the midway wow! I wish we could have done that one – very cool. Roadschooling is truly so amazing that we get to learn from passionate people who have personal connections to what they are sharing. And yay for amazing hubbys and being together 🙂 hugs


  2. Thanks girl! Your positivity & faith are so inspiring to me. Plus, a big thanks for the WordPress app tip, it makes sharing our adventure much easier.


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