“Oh Have You Seen That Girl ‘O Mine” American Immigrant Folk Song Lyrics

This is a song that my grandmother Addie used to sing to us when we were little.  My mother recently taught it to my son.  I searched for the lyrics online but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  This is our best guess as to the original song lyrics.  Grandma always sang it using her best fake German-American accent, using a long “a” sound, a “y” sound instead of a “j” sound, and a “d” sound instead of a “Th” sound. For example: “O hov you seen dat girl o mine… her eyes are yust light green…”  We spelled things phonetically (for a fake German accent) as best as we could.  Grandma always began the song normally and then rapidly picked up the pace and quite seldom paused for breath.  By the time she got to the end of the song and was signing the girl’s name you could barely keep up with her.  The grand finale was a dramatic sigh of relief after the last line, “I think that was her name!”.  If anyone has any information about this song including the origin of this song or alternate lyrics, please leave us a comment!

“Oh Hav’ You Seen That Girl ‘O Mine”
Oh hav’ you seen that girl ‘o mine she looks so sweet she’s dressed so fine
She cam’ from Ger’many on the Rhine a couple a’ weeks ago
She crossed the salty waters
She came over to Ameri-key
She left her native’ Germany because she loves me so
Her eyes are ‘yust light green, she’s the prettiest girl I’ve seen
I love her ‘yust like blazes and I think she loves me too
If you will pay attention, I’ll tell you my intention
I’ll tell you my intention to stick to her like glue
She’s got a funny name though I guess she’s not to blame
She got it from her daddy ‘yust the same
Her name is:
Kath-a-leen a-Valderbean a-Liberstein a-Monaling a-Dinglebine
I think that was her name!

In Loving Memory of
Adeline May (Hemmerly) Bunn
Nov. 24, 1915 – Sept. 7, 2002
& Emerson “Ray” Bunn
Jan. 15, 1912 – Feb. 7, 2002

3 thoughts on ““Oh Have You Seen That Girl ‘O Mine” American Immigrant Folk Song Lyrics

  1. Stumbled across this post from 5 years ago and wondered if you got any other responses? My mom used sing something like this to me, and I can more remember the melody than the words. But I always remembered the phrase “a couple a veeks ago…” because it always made me laugh to hear her sing ‘veeks’. So I searched on that phrase and your post came up. I believe many of the words you have are familiar from the memory of her singing it, but in some cases I have a hard time matching the tune I remember which was more like an Irish jig. Anyway, thanks (very belatedly) for posting that. I may do some more searching, but if you have anything more please reach out.

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  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s the same song! Yes! “veeks” is how she sang “weeks” and “dat” for “that”. Maybe I can convince my mom to record us singing and post that to see if it’s the same tune… sort of like an Irish jig for sure.
    I’ll keep ya posted!
    Thanks for the comment!


    1. I’d be thrilled to hear you guys singing that. You also should record this, anyway. I often run into things like this from my early memories that I wish I could ask my Mom or Dad about, but those opportunities don’t exist now. Ask all those questions now. Record, document, etc all those conversations. You’ll be glad you did.


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