WARNING — Fingerprint gun safe — product review — WARNING

My father recently purchased a fingerprint access gun safe from Sam’s Club.  It’s called “Stack-On QAS-1200-B Quick Access Safe w/ Biometric Lock”.  This safe has a horrific design flaw and needs to be recalled immediately.  This product is a tragic accident waiting to happen.

My father programmed the safe to open with his index finger.  While my kids and I were at his house visiting, my two oldest children (ages 2 and 4) went upstairs to play.  I followed them.  My father’s new safe was in the room where they were playing.  I decided to test it.  I’m sure glad I did.  To my shock and horror, I was able to open the safe!  I was able to open it, close it back up, run downstairs to tell my father, bring him back upstairs with me and then open it again!  I opened it 2 times within about 5 min with my index finger.  The safe had not been programed to open with my finger.  I had never seen this type of safe before.  I had no instruction on how to open the safe.  This product is a tragic accident waiting to happen.  I reported the issue to both “Stack On” the company that makes the safe and “Sam’s Club”.

The representative from samsclub.com informed me on 2/4/15 that they would report my concerns to the vendor but that there was “nothing else they could do about it”.  The safe is currently unavailable online.  The store manager at the Sam’s Club where the safe was purchased stated that they did not have the safe in stock, that it had been “canceled” and that they would no longer be selling the item.


I contacted Stack On, the company who manufactures the safe and I am waiting for them to return my call.  The safe is available to buy online from the manufacturer.


This safe is also available to purchase on http://www.amazon.com

Please, do not purchase this safe.  If you have this safe, stop using it immediately.

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