Manly Arts and Crafts

Greetings! I am the husband (E) to the blogger you know and love here at heavenstobetty. My wife J started taking blogging seriously in early 2019, and I believe she has done a great job with it here. J and I have discussed me posting on her blog, however, the timing never worked out….until today.

A couple of weeks ago, J posted that we decided to postpone making a decision on what we are doing next for our family. You can read more about that here: Extended Working Vacation – RV Preparations Checklist ✔️.

After having the RV in the shop for 2 1/2 months, the rig was finally fixed, detailed, and ready to pick up. I had mixed feelings about seeing Blaze (that’s the name the kiddos gave the RV). I thought…”oh boy, here we go again. Am I ready for another RV adventure?” Needless to say, when we pulled in for a Pit Stop last September, I was done. I was done with driving, cramped spaces, searching for a new home, and more.

However, to my surprise, when I arrived at the shop and walked through Blaze…I was happy to see it; it felt like home. As I was walking around reviewing the fixes with the tech, the memories of the home J, the kiddos, and I made here began to surface. I was all smiles, and I couldn’t help but think of how many more cool memories our family could make here again. Reining my thoughts back in, I finished up with the paperwork and drove the rig back to our rental house.

As I was driving, I was all smiles again. I missed this big view.

When I got back to the rental house, I was pumped…ready to hit the road again. With 4 months off of RV-ing, it was time for us to get back at it again.  But I wanted to change/modify some things areas to make a few things more comfortable: driving, working, and interneting. (Yes…I made up a word. I do that often; I like to keep things interesting.) I was talking with J about the modifications or enhancements that I wanted to make.  As we were chatting, I joked that all men like arts & crafts too.  However, men just don’t call it that.  Men call it building, woodworking, welding, power tools …..(insert Tim Taylor grunting here). There’s an element of danger to it.  But have you ever tried finger painting with kids or used a hot glue gun with felt…..those are very dangerous activities that could sometimes end in tears.

So in the spirit of this blog that J started, here are some of the manly arts and crafts that I’m attempting to get done before we take off soon.

  • Modify the driving setup
  • Modify the office setup
  • Add taillights to the bike rack
  • Installing the Winegard Connect 2.0

I have an additional list of manly arts and crafts that I’d like to get done, however, I don’t want to oversell and under deliver! Until next time….and thanks for following us on our displacement adventure!

What’s the most recent manly arts & craft project you completed?

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