Back-to-School Meal Planning

My wonderful husband has long been requesting that I make a family meal plan again like I used to. Meal planning makes grocery shopping easier, saves money by reducing food waste, and eliminates the need for anyone to ask the question: “What’s for dinner?” Then, a recent visit from my friend L.T. led to a … Continue reading Back-to-School Meal Planning

4th of July Soft Drinks

One of my kids’ favorite 4th of July traditions is making red, white and blue ice cubes to decorate a clear cup of 7-up. We don’t drink much soda in our house so 7-up on the 4th of July is a special treat. This beverage is very easy to make. Ingredients: Red GatoradeBlue Gatorade7-up or … Continue reading 4th of July Soft Drinks

St. John Island Frozen Lemonade Recipe

Many years ago my husband and I went on vacation with my parents, my sister and her husband to the US Virgin Island of St. John. views from St. John We had a fabulous time and discovered an amazing little lemonade cafe near our rented villa. The recipe below is the best version I’ve managed … Continue reading St. John Island Frozen Lemonade Recipe

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Summer Traditions – Recipe for Haystacks

This week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. If you would like to join in this fun photo challenge please visit her site for the rules. The theme “Summer Traditions” was fun for me to think about. I had already started a post about one of my favorite summer recipes, … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Summer Traditions – Recipe for Haystacks

Egg-less Vegan Tofu Salad Sandwich Recipe

We discovered these delicious egg-less vegan tofu salad sandwiches at a friend’s birthday party several years ago. It was the best tofu salad sandwich I had ever had! When I requested the recipe, the hostess blushed and replied that she didn’t have one. She said that she had “just thrown some things together”. I persisted, … Continue reading Egg-less Vegan Tofu Salad Sandwich Recipe

Double Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Brownies (from a boxed mix)

These double dark chocolate blood orange brownies are super easy and really delicious. You will be surprised how the orange flavor comes through with just two simple substitutions using the recipe on the back of the box. Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownies All you have to do is substitute the 1/4 cup of water with … Continue reading Double Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Brownies (from a boxed mix)

Apple 🍏 Coffee Cake Recipe

My sister and I had this recipe book when we were kids, Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book. My mom still had it in her house before the Camp Fire. One of my favorite recipes is in this book, "Apple-nut Coffee Cake".  I recently remembered that I really like this coffee cake and … Continue reading Apple 🍏 Coffee Cake Recipe

4-Day Weekend RV Menu

Menu planning is a skill that I occasionally work on and I'm certainly not adept at. My husband often requests that we have a better idea of what we're having for dinner. I've read that meal planning can be very helpful. There have been seasons where I made a much better effort at doing it. … Continue reading 4-Day Weekend RV Menu

Barb’s Favorite Salsa Recipe

I got this recipe a few years ago. It's the best salsa ever! It's the only salsa recipe you'll ever need. The church we were attending held monthly vegan cooking classes and they were so much fun! Each class had a theme, several recipes in a nice folder, cooking demos of the recipes, and samples … Continue reading Barb’s Favorite Salsa Recipe

Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe

Here is my favorite go-to recipe for banana bread. This quick bread is great for breakfast, brunch, tea-time or an after-school snack. My husband and 3 kiddos love it too. It just smells so good baking in the oven, it warms the whole house up with happiness. If you're having a bad day or the … Continue reading Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe