4-Day Weekend RV Menu

Menu planning is a skill that I occasionally work on and I'm certainly not adept at. My husband often requests that we have a better idea of what we're having for dinner. I've read that meal planning can be very helpful. There have been seasons where I made a much better effort at doing it. … Continue reading 4-Day Weekend RV Menu

Barb’s Favorite Salsa Recipe

I got this recipe a few years ago. It's the best salsa ever! It's the only salsa recipe you'll ever need. The church we were attending held monthly vegan cooking classes and they were so much fun! Each class had a theme, several recipes in a nice folder, cooking demos of the recipes, and samples … Continue reading Barb’s Favorite Salsa Recipe

Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe

Here is my favorite go-to recipe for banana bread. This quick bread is great for breakfast, brunch, tea-time or an after-school snack. My husband and 3 kiddos love it too. It just smells so good baking in the oven, it warms the whole house up with happiness. If you're having a bad day or the … Continue reading Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe

Hosting a Multigenerational Game Night

This past Sunday, we hosted a multigenerational game night and had so much fun!  I got some great ideas from this website: De Su Mama - Hosting Family Game Night I put together an antipasto platter, never mind that I don't have an actual platter. Sometimes guests arrive already hungry and if the main course isn't … Continue reading Hosting a Multigenerational Game Night

Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Recipe

We have pasta for dinner every Friday evening in our house. It's one of our Sabbath traditions. We look forward to this dinner each week. Last Friday, I wanted to make it a little extra special by making Alfredo sauce from scratch. I just had to make a few adjustments and create this creamy pumpkin … Continue reading Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Christmas Menus 2017

Merry Christmas! In an effort to create traditions for my nuclear family that combine those of my childhood with those of my husband's it seems like we should have some standard holiday menus.  I'm afraid that every year, we ask the same question, "What are we going to eat for ________ (insert holiday) breakfast/lunch/dinner?  It … Continue reading Christmas Menus 2017

Keeping Sabbath and Our Pancake Recipe

Two years ago, I bought my best friend and I matching books, 940 Saturdays by Harley Rotbart, MD.  I have subsequently given it to several other friends as baby shower gifts. The book is a family journal where you can jot down what you did each Saturday.  The "940" is because there are 940 Saturdays between … Continue reading Keeping Sabbath and Our Pancake Recipe

Not Really Split Pea Soup Recipe

I love split pea soup.  My husband really does not love split pea soup.  This is my recipe for "split pea compromise soup" or "not really split pea soup", it is a drastic adaptation of the recipe for Spilt Pea Soup from the restaurant Pea Soup Andersons.  It isn't the prettiest soup but it sure … Continue reading Not Really Split Pea Soup Recipe

Grandpa Joe’s Carrot Cake (with a twist or two)

Here is my recipe for the best carrot cake ever!  The recipe was handed down to me by my father, Gary who got it from his father, Joe.  As far as I know, Joe made up the recipe.  I remember having this cake for my dad's birthdays when I was growing up.  It seems like … Continue reading Grandpa Joe’s Carrot Cake (with a twist or two)

Really Delicious Vegetarian Refried Beans

I recently discovered the joy of cooking beans from scratch.  After a few trials, this is my favorite recipe for vegetarian re-fried beans.  Everyone who has tried them loves them, even my kids (ages 14-mos, almost 3-yrs, and 5-yrs).  We have some favorite relatives coming to visit this weekend (UW & AP) so I had … Continue reading Really Delicious Vegetarian Refried Beans