Tranquility is seeing a rainbow after a storm, Snuggling in the fuzzy blanket way too late in the morning, Gliding in a kayak across a lake as smooth as glass, or Driving up to the garage door after a long day at the office. *This poem was inspired by fellow blogger, Other Mary at: reading Tranquility

Idaho Tall Tale

Rain, lightning, thunder! The storm came out of nowhere. One minute the kiddos were happily drawing with sidewalk chalk in the warm, yellow sunshine. The next minute, the wind was blowing fiercely and black clouds were looming in the northwestern sky. I managed to get the kiddos, all their toys, and the awning in before … Continue reading Idaho Tall Tale

WARNING — Fingerprint gun safe — product review — WARNING

My father recently purchased a fingerprint access gun safe from Sam's Club.  It's called "Stack-On QAS-1200-B Quick Access Safe w/ Biometric Lock".  This safe has a horrific design flaw and needs to be recalled immediately.  This product is a tragic accident waiting to happen. My father programmed the safe to open with his index finger.  … Continue reading WARNING — Fingerprint gun safe — product review — WARNING

Baby Safety Toilet Paper Tube

Note:  The following information is not intended to take the place of appropriate supervision, common sense, or the advice of your own family doctor.  This is a simple craft project for toddlers/preschoolers and will not prevent choking.  Please supervise your children. My pediatrician recently reminded me to keep small objects, such as Lego pieces, out … Continue reading Baby Safety Toilet Paper Tube

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Ready for Christmas everybody? I'm at least 12 steps of Christmas behind after last night. Kids are sick with a cold/cough and were running out of humidifiers in this joint.