Black Swan Trail – Smartsville, California

We needed to get out of the house this afternoon, and a quick Google search led us to Black Swan Trail. After writing RV Living Quarterly Report (December 2019), I was feeling extra inspired to get out and do a little hiking and exploring. I really miss that part of our RV lifestyle a lot! … Continue reading Black Swan Trail – Smartsville, California

Hillside Poms – Corning, California

If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed that we like to visit farms! While I like to plan a wide variety of field trips covering a broad range of topics, we really like to visit farms a lot! Our most recent trip was to Hillside Poms in Corning, California. During … Continue reading Hillside Poms – Corning, California

The Boulder Field πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ – Sacramento, California

Per the recommendation of L.R. from Returning to Paradise, we took the kiddos to Boulder Field for a morning of bouldering this past Sunday.  Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is low to the ground and uses crash pads on the ground instead of harnesses or ropes. The gym staff was super friendly and … Continue reading The Boulder Field πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ – Sacramento, California

Family Bike 🚲 Ride

This past Sabbath we loaded up the bikes for our first official family bike ride. By "official", I mean that everyone rode their own bike independently. E has been waiting for this moment for quite a while... RV living provided amble opportunities for K and B to learn to ride bikes without training wheels. Many … Continue reading Family Bike 🚲 Ride

Miyagi Ramen 🍜 – Bend, Oregon

We visited Miyagi Ramen in Bend Oregon for lunch on two different days during our visit. The kiddos got free ninja headbands with a symbol that means "certain victory". To start, we ordered these Japanese buns with tempura mushrooms and plum and sriracha sauces on the side. We all got super-delicious ramen. I don't think … Continue reading Miyagi Ramen 🍜 – Bend, Oregon

Walk To The Park

I saw all of this on a 1/2 mile walk to the park with my husband, my kiddos, and my parents last Sabbath. What if I had driven the car instead?... I would have missed everything... I hope you are able to enjoy a walk with someone you love ❀️ today!

Curt Gowdy State Park – Wyoming

Wyoming is high prairie with rolling hills of tall grass that ripple in the wind. It looks like something from a Laura Ingalls Wilder Book. We have actually seen antelope playing in Wyoming but I didn't get a photo yet... maybe we will see more next week... 🎢 "Oh give me a home, where the … Continue reading Curt Gowdy State Park – Wyoming

Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Trail & Colorado Cherry πŸ’ Company & Jeep Jaunt – Colorado

Feature image by E. We wanted to make a 2nd trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, because we got rained out last Saturday on our first trip, Rocky Mountain National Park - Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake - Estes Park, Colorado. We decided to stop at Colorado Cherry Company on the way there. … Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Trail & Colorado Cherry πŸ’ Company & Jeep Jaunt – Colorado

Morning Time in Our RV

Happy first day of school everyone! If you're all done with school in your household, happy random Monday in the middle of August to you! If you already started school or haven't started yet, consider this wish belated or early! Today was the perfect time to add "morning time" back into our daily homeschool/road-school routine. … Continue reading Morning Time in Our RV

Silver City RV Resort – Minden, Nevada

This RV resort was packed tight and full to the brim. We didn't mind a bit since there were no shield-backed katydids here! In case you forgot, this is a shield-backed katydid, about 3 inches long. You can read more about those in, New Frontier RV Park - Winnemucca, Nevada. The kiddos busted out of … Continue reading Silver City RV Resort – Minden, Nevada