TJ Farms Estates 🎃 – Chico, California

We had a great time meeting up with friends at the pumpkin patch this week. TJ Farm was super-chill and low-key on Monday afternoon.  It was so relaxing to soak up the sun, enjoy good conversation, and delight in the pumpkin harvest at the farm.  We hope you enjoy the photos.  I snapped this picture … Continue reading TJ Farms Estates 🎃 – Chico, California

Maddi’s Fridge – Laxson Auditorium – California State University, Chico

California State University, Chico, is my alma mater. It is a beautiful campus. My favorite building on campus is Laxson Auditorium. It was built in 1930. It is so cool to see live performances here! The balconies have long been closed for seating and fitted with modern lighting fixtures. I can imagine sitting up in … Continue reading Maddi’s Fridge – Laxson Auditorium – California State University, Chico

🍩 The Donut Shop On Central – Cheyenne, Wyoming

I am beyond thrilled to be homeschooling with South Sutter Charter School right now. We are able to homeschool with them because we currently claim residency in Paradise, California. We still own a piece of property there and we haven't officially relocated yet. The kiddos have spent the past week completing iReady diagnostic testing for … Continue reading 🍩 The Donut Shop On Central – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Back-to-School in Our RV

We hope your new school year is off to a wonder-full start! I've taken back-to-school photos of my kiddos every year since S was 4-years-old. I used the same cardstock signs every year. It was our back-to-school tradition. As you can see in the photos below, we try not to take ourselves too seriously! 2014 … Continue reading Back-to-School in Our RV

RV Home Church & Camp Fire Recovery

I recently had two friends ask me what we were doing about church while living in our RV? That's a great question! "Thank you" to L.T. from CA, and B.M.M. from TN, for asking! Prior to living in an RV, we attended church quite regularly. If you've been following us for awhile, you might already … Continue reading RV Home Church & Camp Fire Recovery

National Donut Day 🍩

Happy National Donut Day! The following except is from, Wikipedia: National Donut Day — celebrated in the United States, is on the first Friday of June of each year, succeeding the Doughnut event created by The Salvation Armyin Chicago in 1938 to honor those of their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. They fried the donuts … Continue reading National Donut Day 🍩

Christmas Menus 2017

Merry Christmas! In an effort to create traditions for my nuclear family that combine those of my childhood with those of my husband's it seems like we should have some standard holiday menus.  I'm afraid that every year, we ask the same question, "What are we going to eat for ________ (insert holiday) breakfast/lunch/dinner?  It … Continue reading Christmas Menus 2017

Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I've been wanting a countdown calendar since my oldest son was old enough to understand what a countdown calendar was.  This year we had one made for us.  Thanks Mom!  It turned out super cute, my mom used her Bernina sewing machine to embroider the numbers onto each little pocket.  … Continue reading Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

Keeping Sabbath and Our Pancake Recipe

Two years ago, I bought my best friend and I matching books, 940 Saturdays by Harley Rotbart, MD.  I have subsequently given it to several other friends as baby shower gifts. The book is a family journal where you can jot down what you did each Saturday.  The "940" is because there are 940 Saturdays between … Continue reading Keeping Sabbath and Our Pancake Recipe

You know you might have really lost it this time if…

You know you might have really lost it this time if... your spouse comes up with a crazy idea like, "let's downsize from our 2500 sq ft home in suburbia to an RV and live on the road" and you're actually considering the idea as a viable option.  Now I know (now) that people do … Continue reading You know you might have really lost it this time if…