Homeschool Mama Spring Apparel Thrifting

Well friends, Spring Semester 2021 is dragging like something awfully draggy. Is it summer yet? The weather here is just too nice to stay inside and work on schoolwork! Maybe some new digs will motivate me to motivate my kiddos/students... I gotta start this off by telling you that I'm really not in tune with … Continue reading Homeschool Mama Spring Apparel Thrifting

First Day of Homeschool 2020

Today is our official first day of homeschool 2020! One of my favorite back-to-school traditions is taking back-to-school photos. I let the kiddos choose their own backgrounds this year. The kids’ t-shirts are from and mine is from I bought the chalkboard sign at Marshall’s last year. Enjoy! Our first day of school … Continue reading First Day of Homeschool 2020

Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

I recently read a great, short article on gift giving by tidying expert Marie Kondo (see link below). Choosing Gifts That Spark Joy It's only a few weeks until Valentines Day. Here are some fun gift ideas for a variety of ages and budgets. Edible gifts from Sohnrey Family Foods Health & Beauty gifts from … Continue reading Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

Pumpkin 🎃 Hats – Walk to Dinner – Bend, Oregon

My mom knit these pumpkin hats for the kiddos. We got lots of compliments while we were on a brisk autumn walk to dinner in Bend, Oregon.

Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

There are 25 Big Boots in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We found and photographed 15 of them for you. S really wanted to find all 25. In the end, we just ran outta time! I like boots, I like unique artwork, and I like scavenger hunts. This project was lots of fun for us! I hope you … Continue reading Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Kings Beach State Recreation Area – Lake Tahoe, California

We really enjoyed kayaking on Lake Siskiyou, California, and we just couldn't resist another kayaking excursion on Lake Tahoe. We were thrilled to find a parking spot at Kings Beach and rented 2 double kayaks at "Adrift Tahoe". The staff was amazing, super-helpful, and friendly. It was cool and windy which made kayaking on the … Continue reading Kings Beach State Recreation Area – Lake Tahoe, California

Going Grey with Glamor and Grace

"Grey hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness." - Proverbs 16:31 (NIV) I can't blame my early grey hair on the Camp Fire or our decision to move into an RV. I can't blame my kiddos either. I can (and I will) blame genetics. My dad's side of … Continue reading Going Grey with Glamor and Grace