It’s Not Breast Cancer Awareness Month… 🎀

…but a loved one of mine (38-years-old) was just diagnosed. She’s one of the toughest people I know and her prognosis is good with chemo, double mastectomies, and radiation…

She is under the age recommended for getting mammograms. She is lucky she caught it.

I made her a gift basket with ideas I found with the Google search: “breast cancer gift baskets”.

Then I got my annual mammogram and wanted to tell you to go get your too!

heavens to betty – its time for a mammogram!

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Breast Cancer Awareness Month… 🎀

  1. Oh man, what a prognosis. Prayers for your friend’s health and treatment. That was super nice of you to put a care basket together. It”’ brighten her day and to know that she is loved!
    Good job getting your mammogram! Mine is in early April.

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  2. As one who had been (foolishly) careless about avoiding my annual mammograms, I was grateful to read that her cancer was discovered in time. Good job on getting yours and high five to you for encouraging others to do the same. 💕

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