Cupcakes and More Award 🧁

Our church has its own scouting type of club. It’s kind of like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts but with a religious emphasis. The younger kids (up to 4th grade) are called Adventurers and the older kids (5th grade – high school) are called Pathfinders. The clubs are co-ed and the boys and girls are all together.

We recently completed the “Cupcakes and More” award for our younger two kiddos in Adventurers. I thought our cupcakes turned out pretty cute so I just had to show you all what we made. I’ve been having a blast playing with food on charcuterie boards so these were par for the course.

Worms in dirt and owls
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, gummy worms and crushed Oreo cookie dirt
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, mini Oreo cookie and chocolate chip eyes, and an orange M&M stuck on sideways for the beak
Polar bears
white cupcakes with vanilla frosting, marshmallow halves for the muzzles, marshmallow quarters for the ears, and chocolate chips for the noses and eyes
baby shower
strawberry cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting and lots of sprinkles
chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
These were supposed to look like hydrangea flowers but I think I used the wrong tip. We filled the frosting bag with half blue and half lavender frosting & added sprinkles when they didn’t look quite right!

Each tray of cupcakes was taken along to an outing with friends and family. We like to share sugary treats so we don’t end up eating them all ourselves! We also had the cupcakes as a treat after a hike or outdoor playtime. We try our best to have a balanced lifestyle: cupcakes + hikes = balance!

I really like my cupcake transportation carry case. It’s on the list of things that I like so much I got them twice. My friend, Brenda gave me one once for my birthday. I lost that one in the Camp Fire. My husband bought me this one for Christmas (2021) to replace it.

Snapware Snap ‘N Stack 2-Layer Cupcake Storage Carrier

🧁 We hope this post inspires you to bake some fun treats to share with your friends and family!

🧁 Which ones are your favorites?

9 thoughts on “Cupcakes and More Award 🧁

  1. Those are all beautiful! For eating, my favorite would be the owls. For looking at, I like the polar bears best – so unique. My Grandma was known for her baking – cakes, pies, cookies. She always said, “Anything in moderation.” She was never overweight – even a bit. She lived until she was 96, and she had her mind, too. I think eating a cupcake once in a while adds some joy to life. Enjoy your day!

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