RV Homeschool 🤦🏻‍♀️ Here We Go Again!

I published this last week, but I failed to set the date properly. I’m just re-posting it today so it’s in a better sequential order on the blog.

Well friends we have a big announcement. We sold our beautiful home in Northern California and we are moving to Idaho! We did things a little bit backwards, although we had intended to purchase a new home before selling our current home, things didn’t work out as we had hoped.

Long story short, we did not get a house to move into. Backup plan #1: we looked for a rental house. We found waitlists and minimum 1 year leases. Backup plan #2: we traded in our 24-ft Minnie Winnie and Toyota minivan for a Ford truck and 35-ft travel trailer. We’re going to live in the trailer while we continue looking for a house in Idaho. I’m hoping it will be easier to house hunt if we are living in Idaho. House hunting via FaceTime from California was just not cutting it. I’m hoping we are only living in the trailer for a month or two tops! 🤞

Here’s how I’m thinking of homeschooling our 3 kids in our temporary tiny house on wheels:

MVD friends, MVD.

For anyone unfamiliar with this homeschool acronym MVD stands for “minimum viable day”, or the least amount of work that can be done to count as having done school that day.

Our daily workbooks

  • Doodle Devotional
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education (levels 2, 4, and 6)
  • Evan Moor Daily Spelling Skills (grades 2, 4 and 6)

And alternating between the following if we have the time and inclination:

  • The Good and the Beautiful cursive
  • A Reason For Handwriting Boarder Sheets for Memory Verses
  • Lulu Jr. book kits
  • Evan Moor How to Report on Books
  • Silent Reading for my 2 older kids and Reading Eggs lessons online for my youngest
  • Read aloud chapter books and LitWits Zoom classes (Caddie Woodlawn – September, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – October, The Borrowers – November)
  • American Girl books: Molly 1944 (WWII)

Field Trips, park days, library visits, and other local resources: TBD

Wish us luck friends and keep us in your prayers!

Happy homeschooling!

18 thoughts on “RV Homeschool 🤦🏻‍♀️ Here We Go Again!

  1. Praying for a smooth and fun homeschooling experience! Kids will learn wherever they are and you are a great teacher.
    When will they get this kind of experience: building great family memories.
    Maybe till you settle in and schoolwork anxiety kicks in (homeschool moms feel this way because we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves), you may want your kids to try Adventure Academy. It’s the older kids version of ABC mouse and it’s engaging. Kids choose an avatar and receive badges from completing quests. The quests cover many subjects and it’s visually appealing. We just signed up for the 30 day trial.
    Stay well!!

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  2. Try a site called Easy-Peasy. It is free and easy you just go to the website and click the link then, you have a perfectly ordered and fun curriculum for your kids and all you need is a computer and wifi.

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  3. Our house sold very quickly too. We finally bought a camper to keep from having to rent, or be homeless. We said it would only be for up to a year tops. January will be two years! Lol. We love it. We also started homeschooling this august also.

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