Kids Summer Schedule, Coconut 🥥 Macaroons, and Lemon Pound Cake

My good friend LT recently shared this adorable summer schedule from: Somewhat Simple

Isn’t it just the cutest thing? I’m so excited to use it this summer! For “What’s cooking Wednesday” last week, my kiddos made coconut macaroons. We used this recipe from: Taste of Home

It was a simple recipe that my 3 kiddos (ages 11, 8 and 7) could make almost entirely on their own. They just needed a little help separating the eggs.

The recipe makes about a dozen cookies, and I wanted to bring them for a park picnic on Friday, so I doubled it. Therefore, I used 4 egg whites for our macaroons, leaving 4 egg yolks leftover. I wanted to use them up too so I Googled “recipes using 4 egg yolks” and found “20 Recipes to Use Up 4 Egg Yolks” from: Unicorn Love

I decided to try the Lemon Pound Cake.

Our yard has a lemon tree and we were excited to use one of our homegrown lemons while also using up our 4 leftover yolks. Waste not, want not (especially if it means we are making more dessert)!

Lemon and coconut desserts are just so perfect for summer and the weather here is warming up fast!

🍋 What is your favorite summer dessert?

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