Grape Crush 🍇

We had a grape crush party in our backyard this past weekend. The only thing sweeter than picking your own food straight from the garden, is having friends brave enough to indulge in my eccentric ideas of what constitutes a good dinner party! A big “thank you for being so awesome” to the L family for helping us make grape juice with our feet and drinking it with our dinner.

After semi-throughly researching the idea on the internet. I decided that stomping our ripe to overripe Concord grape crop was going to be the best way to process the fruit this year. The grapes have a tough outer skin, a sort of slimy jelly inside, and in the center are hard bitter seeds. The fruit is sweet and flavorful, but it’s not my favorite thing to eat because of the seeds and skins. I thought about whizzing the grapes in the blender to make juice but I was afraid grinding up the seeds would make it bitter. So after first convincing my husband, and then our dinner guests, we stomped our grapes and made juice.

After harvesting the grapes, we washed them and put them into a big plastic bin.

harvesting Concord grapes

Then we took turns throughly washing our feet and crushing the grapes with our toes. The kiddos had a blast and so did I! I’ve never stomped grapes before and I highly recommend it!

awaiting more stompers

Once the grapes were smooshed and the bin was full of purple-red juice we strained out the pulp with a sieve. The remaining juice was brought to a rolling boil and then simmered for about 15 minutes to sanitize it. We chilled the juice during dinner and drank it with dessert.

😉 So my blogging friends, how many of you would adventure to come over to our house for dinner? Is this “too much fun” or “way too gross”?

17 thoughts on “Grape Crush 🍇

  1. You are making great memories for your children! Now, before I answer your question about stomping grapes with you, I would like to know how did the grape juice taste? Was it really good, really yucky or somewhere in between? In any case, it sure looks like you had fun!

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  2. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. And it was a very inexpensive thing to do, since you picked the grapes in your own back yard. FUN TIMES!!

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