One-Way Ticket to Vegas ✈️

My husband bought a one-way airline ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. As is often the case though, things aren’t always what they seem…

We heard about a really good deal on pre-owned Minnie-Winnies. At 23-feet, this Winnebago will fit in our driveway. We decided to purchase an RV that had previously been used as a rental vehicle. The rental company took to selling some of their stock when C-19 hit the US and thousands of rental reservations were canceled overnight. Like many other companies, they were creative quick-thinkers who came up with a new plan for their business to survive. My husband had enough Southwest points to book a free one-way flight to go pick one up and drive it back home.

My kiddos named our previous RV, a 35-foot Winnebago Vista, “Blaze”. I’m trying to convince them to name this one “Sparky”. Whatever they end up naming it, I can hardly wait to take it out for a test drive…

14 thoughts on “One-Way Ticket to Vegas ✈️

    1. It’s in the shop right now. The warranty is refusing to pay for the broken generator because we just bought it. They’re opening up an investigation. It’s a giant hassle! I have no idea when we’ll actually be able to use it! 😝
      But yes, it should be fun eventually!

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