Homeschool Summer ☀️ School

The official last day of school for our charter school was May 22. We are still running a little behind in our studies. The Camp Fire set our oldest 2 kiddos (ages 10 & 7) back by a good 6 months and we still haven’t quite caught up yet. Our youngest was in Kindergarten this past year and he’ll be ready to start 1st grade in the fall. I’m hoping that powering through this summer will get us all closer to where I’d like us to be by fall. The kiddos are less than thrilled about my summer school plan so I’m probably going to up the ante on incentive charts.

We are continuing in our workbooks Math Lessons for a Living Education, and Evan Moor Daily Spelling Skills. We are about halfway through the math workbooks and almost done with the spelling workbooks.

When we finish the spelling workbook I will get out Handwriting Without Tears cursive workbooks for all three kids. B (age 6) is really too young for cursive writing but he’s been begging to do it… so I figured I better capitalize on his enthusiasm. We’ll see how it goes… We also have these Fun Schooling Thinking Tree Nature Journals to start on.

Besides these workbooks, I’m looking forward to moving into our new house and swimming through the summer heat. I plan on making lots of frozen pops and buying lots of sunscreen. I’m also hoping we can do a little traveling if it’s safe and possible…

☀️ What are your plans for the coming summer months?

☀️ Do you have an idea that could motivate my kids to do summer school with minimal complaining?

☀️ What’s your favorite frozen pop recipe?

☀️ What’s your go-to brand & SPF of sunscreen?

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Summer ☀️ School

  1. It sounds like you have great plans for the coming summer. My kids are all grown now, so I can’t help you with specific suggestions. I’m not too big on external rewards as intrinsic motivation is the only lasting kind. Learning is its own reward – but I do know kids can sure complain! Good luck, and I hope you all enjoy the summer and your new home.

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    1. Thank you!
      You’re right, learning is it’s own reward. I love ❤️ that!
      Generally speaking, my kids love learning. However, workbooks all summer doesn’t sound like much fun.
      In practice, I may end up using something extrinsic for a summer motivation boost…
      Thanks for encouragement & support! I’m looking forward to seeing all your fun summer projects and adventures too! 😊

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  2. I love the quill pens! It might help your kids motivation if you give them a list of what pages they need to do each day and they can decide what order to do them in and check them off. Also if you give assignments maybe 4 days a week and if they’re done they get to enjoy the 5th day but if not they have to finish while the others are enjoying the day off. Not sure if that will help or not. Good luck!
    We choose our sunscreen each year based on what gets a good score at We pick the cheapest one of their high scoring kids sunscreens. Let us know if you decide you’re up for some camping later this summer! I think we’ll all need to beat the heat when it’s allowed!

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    1. The quill pens are from Rainbow Resources. They came with ink and parchment paper. They are so fun!

      Thank you for the motivational ideas!

      Thank you for the sunscreen tip too! I’ve never heard of that website.

      Camping sounds like fun! 🏕


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