Grown-up Book of the Month (March 2020)

You might remember that my first New Years’ resolution in Gathering Great Goals for 2020 was to read one grown-up book per month. So far I’m on track with my reading goal, and I’ve finished 2 grown-up non-fiction books.

In January I read –

In February I read –

Here’s an excerpt from the book. The quote is from the chapter on single parent families and it is in reference to children going through divorce. I think it applies to any family going through any kind of loss, including the loss caused by natural disaster.

Keep up your hope and hold on to your dreams for your children. While things may seem rough now, there is another day, another year. If you and the children are making steady progress away from the sense of loss, you are all growing in the many areas of life, you can feel assured that growth will continue. It has become a pattern, a habit that will not easily be forgotten. (2012, Chapman, page 188)

March is my birthday month and my present to myself is to read a novel. I was inspired by National Parks With T to read a novel set in a National Park. So my book this was month is, Where the Fire Falls by Karen Barnett.

✅ How are your New Years’ resolutions going for you?

2 thoughts on “Grown-up Book of the Month (March 2020)

    1. The 5 Love Languages of Children was pretty good. I’m glad I read it.
      Where the Fire Falls is good so far too. I haven’t read a novel in years. It’s a fun read, romance, adventure, danger all in 1920’s Yosemite. 🤗

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