Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ to all 100 Followers!

Happy Valentine’s Day and thank y’all so much for following our Camp Fire displacement adventure! I’m honored that 100 people have found my blog interesting enough to follow! It’s a great joy for us to share our journey with you. I’ve found writing and photography to be very therapeutic and it means the world to have each one of you along for the ride. The recovery process from the 11/08/18 Camp Fire is taking longer than I expected. It’s been a long time since the fire and we continue to work through our loss. Your prayers and support are a blessing to us. This blog has been an outlet when I really needed an outlet. I’ve been able to “be there” for my kids because you have all “been there” for me. One of the most difficult things about the Camp Fire has been hearing things like:

“Mommy, I had a dream last night that Paradise didn’t burn up, but when I woke up I knew it wasn’t true and it was just a dream.” (K – age 7).

“Mommy if I had a superpower it would be to speed up time so that Paradise would be all fixed in 5 seconds.” (B – age 5)

“Mommy if we ever get another forever house, can we get another … like we used to have?” (S – age 9)

Dealing with loss is tough. It really helps to feel like I’m not alone. Thank you so much for following our blog, reading my posts, “liking” my posts, and sending us your comments! We truly appreciate your kindness!

❤️ From our family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ to all 100 Followers!

  1. This is a quote from a 9 year old when asked what is love. “Love is looking into someone’s eyes and seeing that’s all you need”
    The wisdom of children. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

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  2. The sewn hearts remind me of a geometric design E. made for a school project. I still have the yellow, green, and pink spools of crochet threads he used.

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