Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

I recently read a great, short article on gift giving by tidying expert Marie Kondo (see link below).

Choosing Gifts That Spark Joy

It’s only a few weeks until Valentines Day. Here are some fun gift ideas for a variety of ages and budgets.

  • Gifts in a Mason jar – here are some great ideas from How She Does

  • Family Backyard Games: badminton, jazzminton, speedminton, corn hole, croquet, disc golf
  • Family Indoor games: chess, checkers, mancala, Chinese checkers, Mexican train dominos, backgammon, Uno, Jenga

  • Books for kiddos

Happy gift giving everyone! Here’s to finding gifts that say “I love you!”, spark joy, make a difference, support local farmers, promote healthy lifestyle choices, and create meaningful memories!

❤️ What was the best gift you ever received?

7 thoughts on “Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

  1. Ooh yes! Thank you for the book list!! I also had a friend with the idea of fill in the blank Valentine’s for your kids’ friends… “Dear______, You make me smile when_____.” …to make it more personal, which I thought was so cute.

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