100th Day of Homeschool 📝

Happy 100th Day of school everyone! We haven’t celebrated this day in the past and we had a lot of fun! I did a Google search for 100th day of school celebration ideas and let each kiddo choose one favorite idea. We found so many fun ideas that we celebrated for 2 days. We just couldn’t fit everything into one day!

  • Build something with 100 LEGOs (S age 9)

  • Make a track with 100 Keva planks (B age 5)
  • Make a necklace with 100 beads (K age 7)

Of course, I added a few of my own favorite ideas too.

  • Eat 100 Cheerios for breakfast (this was not enough Cheerios so we ate lots more)

  • Walk 100 steps out the front door and see where you end up
  • Do 100 jumping jacks
  • Color a 100’s chart with 100 different colors

  • Measure 100 feet, 100 inches, and 100 centimeters (thanks to L.R. of Returning to Paradise for that idea)
  • Bake a box of brownies with 100 mini M&M’s on top (just the right amount)!

  • Complete the writing prompt, “I wish I had 100…”

S: I wish I had 100 Lego technic sets

K: I wish I had $100

B: I wish I had 100 puppies

We also read these books:

I even found a short (36 minute) video on Amazon Prime. It was geared for younger kiddos, probably 1st grade and under.

Emily’s First 100 Days of School

🥳 Have you celebrated the 100th day of school? What did you do?

🤩 Bonus question, complete the sentence, “I wish I had 100…” in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “100th Day of Homeschool 📝

  1. So fun! I’ve gotta do better about fitting in the fun days like 100th day and learning about holidays besides Christmas and Easter…oh and the “spirit” days like crazy hair day or pajama day. I wish I had 100 inches of rain to dole out slowly whenever we were in a drought to prevent fires…and to share with Australia.

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