Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

I was in the mood for a celebration, so we planned a fun Lunar New Year family party. We included books, movies, games and food inspired by China.

We read these books:

We watched this movie:

  • Disney Nature Born in China available on Disney+

We watched these TV shows:

  • Curious George: season 9 episode 5 Curious George’s Dragon Dance (available on Hulu)
  • Justin Time: season 1 episode 4 The Rubbery Dumplings (available on Netflix)
  • Justin Time: season 1 episode 9 The Great Wall (available on Netflix)
  • Justin Time: season 2 episode 6 Lion Dance (available on Netflix)

We did these activities:

  • Played Chinese Checkers

  • Gave the kiddos red envelopes with money (thanks mom!)
  • Learned how to use a Chinese jump rope
  • Ate our dinner using chopsticks

We made these decorations:

We ate Asian inspired food. My mom even found cute themed plates and napkins at Walmart.

Here is our dinner menu:

  • Vegetarian egg rolls (store bought from freezer)
  • Steamed white rice with sesame seeds
  • Mandarin vegetarian chicken (store bought from freezer)
  • Asian chicken salad
  • Rice noodles with fresh veggies and peanut sauce
  • Fortune cookies (store bought)
  • Panda cookies (store bought)
  • Chocolate gold coins

🧧 Did you celebrate Lunar New Year? If so, what did you do?

9 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

  1. What a cute compilation of activities! I need to watch that nature documentary 😍. I need to make a calendar of unique holidays like this to celebrate with the kids. It’s a great learning opportunity!

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  2. It was a fun time! It was the first time I had eaten a whole meal using chopsticks. I usually give up and use the much more familiar fork for eating. Thank you for the fun Chinese New Year celebration. The food was quite delicious. too.

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