Extended Working Vacation – RV Preparations Checklist ✔️

After months of debate and discussion, E and I have finally made a decision about the next step for our family of five.

[drumroll please] 🥁🥁🥁

We are leaning towards delaying making a decision by going on a working vacation to see some of the National Parks in California. 😂

It won’t be a real vacation because the kids and I will be doing school Monday – Friday and E will be telecommuting for work during the week as well. We will be exploring, hiking, and driving to new locations on the weekends. We plan to rent our current house for an extra month and leave in March 2020. We plan to see Yosemite, Sequoia, King’s Canyon & Death Valley National Parks.

The reason for our decision comes down to this, one of life’s curveballs tossed us to the ground. Things are different now. We find ourselves thrust into a position where we can technically live anywhere we want. We believe that God is taking care of us in the good times and the bad times. We have faith that He is with us even when we are unable to see or hear Him. My prayers have changed from “please give us a clear sign about what we should do” to “please give us the wisdom to make good decisions”.  This isn’t to say that God hasn’t given us any signs, He probably had given us plenty of signs.  We are just unintentionally ignoring them or are just too blind to see them.  We are broken weak human beings.  Hallelujah that God came to save people just like us!  Hallelujah that He is with us even when we think we can’t see, hear or feel Him!

We believe that difficulties can be viewed as opportunities in disguise. We believe that lemonade is a wonderful use for lemons. It makes the most sense to us to seize the day and accept these circumstances as a gift.

Carpe Diem!

Here’s our to-do list to prepare for our RV Adventure: Part 2.

◦ Medical appointments

◦ Dental appointments

◦ Haircuts

◦ Install Winegard

◦ Clean RV interior

◦ Sort kids toys

◦ Sort kids clothes

◦ Sort kids shoes

◦ Sort E’s clothes & shoes

◦ Sort my clothes & shoes

◦ Map route

◦ Make reservations

◦ Sort kitchenware

◦ Sort bathroom toiletries

◦ Sort medication

◦ Refill Rx medication

◦ Sell furniture

◦ Sort items for storage

◦ Donate unneeded items

◦ Sort books

◦ Sort games

◦ Return stuff to SSCS

◦ Jeep – oil change & new tires

◦ Van – oil change

◦ RV – desk/office options for monitors/keyboards

◦ RV – what is the best way to store stuff

◦ RV – driver’s seat upgrades

I know, it’s kind of a long list. Luckily we have 2 months to try and pull things together. Technically, the RV is still in the shop and we’re going to need that to tackle several of our to-do list tasks!

Let the official record reflect that we are not looking for a place to relocate this time. This time, we are headed out to see some National Parks that we missed the first time around. This time, we’re going to try harder to enjoy the journey and not stress out about where to settle down.

We hope you’ll follow our blog and tag along for the ride.


12 thoughts on “Extended Working Vacation – RV Preparations Checklist ✔️

  1. Best wishes Jen and I’m a slight bit jealous!! 😀. This healing process is taking awhile! What a great opportunity for your family!!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay so happy for y’all! There are some many national parks in Cali we missed but wanted to go to. The national parks were for sure the highlight of our adventure ! Can’t wait to take good notes from ur posts for our next adventure !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mammoth Cave National Park! Also,
        you should definitely have the trout at the visitor center restaurant in Kings Canyon. It was one of my favorite meals ever. Best trip ever!! You’ll love it. I need to do a post! Lol

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  3. My prayers have changed from “please give us a clear sign about what we should do” to “please give us the wisdom to make good decisions”.

    That right there, a shift in heart and mindset, is such a huge point of growth in faith! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for reading the post!
      It took me awhile to get to that shifting point. It was over a year after the fire. It was like a lightbulb clicked on when it suddenly occurred to me! I had spent the entire year beforehand praying for a sign. Maybe it’s not about waiting for a sign. It’s amazing the insights I’ve had since I started trying to read the Bible every day. Praise God!

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