🦃 Thanksgiving Book 📚 List

I’m wishing y’all a happy Thanksgiving a few days early because we’re hosting the big dinner at our rental house this year. I’m grateful to have the space to cook and to host this year!

By next year I would really like to read a different book each day leading up to Thanksgiving. I’m working on compiling a Thanksgiving book list and I wanted to share what I’ve got so far. I’ve created this list using a variety of resources including:

Here’s what we’ve been reading and what we’re planning on reading between now and Thanksgiving.

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy your dinner and time with loved ones!

4 thoughts on “🦃 Thanksgiving Book 📚 List

  1. The cranberry bread from the Book ‘Cranberry Thanksgiving’ was delicious. We enjoyed pre-tasting some of your holiday baking. The kids seemed to have enjoyed helping make the bread too. Glad we will be able to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

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