Iron Horse 🚂 RV Resort – Elko, Nevada

We drove from Salt Lake City Utah to Elko Nevada on Friday (9/20/19). We passed the great salt flats pictured below.

In the photo below, the salt looks like snow!

This was a first for us, we pulled into the Iron Horse RV Resort with no reservation. Luckily, it worked out great and they had a nice pull-through spot available!

There was a pool table in the office, so we taught the kids how to shoot pool while we did a load of laundry. We ended up really enjoying playing pool and played 3 games in the day and a half we were here. The games were 75 cents each, and since we’re not very good, the games lasted a long, long time. We also learned that there is a difference between pool and billiards. Check out the link below if you’re interested.

There was also a fun playground to entertain the kiddos.

We are pretty sure that this place is called “Iron Horse” because it is right next to a train yard.  The trains woke me up at least twice per night.

We were pleasantly surprised that we had enough time to do a few fun things in Elko on Saturday.  If you missed any of our recent posts, you can click on them below.

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