Centennial Boots 👢- Elko, Nevada

Imagine our surprise when E found another Big Boot in Elko, NV at Albertsons grocery store! A quick Google search revealed that there are 30 Centennial Boots in Elko. What fun! We’re off on another scavenger hunt.

I didn’t find a hard copy map like we used in Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming. I didn’t find a list of titles for the art, so we made up our own titles for each boot that we found. The boots weren’t numbered, but I numbered them in this post in the order we found them.

#1. Albertsons Boot (Photo by E)

#2. Red Lion Casino Boot (photo by K – age 7)

(photo by E)

#3. Coca-Cola Boot

#4. Sweet Dreams Boot

#5. and #6. Courthouse Boots

#7. Battle Born Boot (photo by K age 7)

#8. Mosaic Boot

#9. Mountain Goat Boot

#10. Elko Boot

#11. Stars and Stripes Boot

#12. Picasso-ish Boot

#13. Basque Boot

#14. California Trail Boot

#15. Museum Boot

#16. Rusty Old Cars Boot

#17. Rich in Art Boot

👢 Which Elko Nevada Centennial Boot is your favorite?

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